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      The first library of Xicheng District is a comprehensive public library set up by the government of Xicheng District,Is to undertake the collection of document information resources、Arrangement、storage、spread、Public public culture and social place of public welfare of research and service。

    The first library of Xicheng District was established1956year,The predecessor of the Beijing Municipal Library Xidan branch,Is located in Xihua Gate Street4Number。1957Renamed the Xidan District Library in the year。1958year,Xidan、Two West Fourth District merged into Xicheng District,Original Xidan District、West District Library in1959The year was merged into the Xicheng District Library。1999year,Regional government investment to establish a new museum,The relocation of the Xicheng District library to the new site(After the alley Guangping26Number)。2010year,Westlife、The two district of Xuanwu is merged into Xicheng District,The Xicheng District library is also2013year6Officially renamed the first library of Xicheng District。

    The first library of Xicheng District“Reader first,Service supremacy”For the purpose,Insist“Socialization,Open type”The policy of building the library,Provide readers with multiple levels、Multiform service,Maximally satisfying the reader's diversity of information needs,Annual365Open to the sky,And the free service is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations。

    Set up a tourist information room in the Museum、Music room、Ancient book reading room、Local literature room、Reference room、China and Switzerland Information Center for sustainable development、German information and German self-study center and visually impaired reading room for the special room,And the newspaper reading room、Personal borrowing Department、Self-Study Room、Collective audiovisual room、Multimedia network center and other service rooms,Provide readers with self-help loan、Self-help printing、Wireless Internet services,A variety of public welfare lectures are held every year、Exhibition and other activities,Giving full play to the function of social education。

    Xicheng District is the first district level library library the first IFLA membership,By the Ministry of culture as the first class library,Over the years“Advanced units of national spiritual civilization construction”、“National Reading demonstration base”Honor,Enriching the cultural life of the people of Xicheng District,Improving the scientific and cultural quality of the people,Strengthening the construction of spiritual civilization and opening up the reform and opening to the Xicheng District、economic construction、The development service of high and new technology plays an important role。

    The first library of Xicheng District has now become a document lending center in Xicheng District、Data retrieval center、Information exchange center、Education and training center,In order to improve the people's scientific and cultural quality、Promoting spiritual civilization、All aspects of material civilization and economic construction play a more and more important role.。

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