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    The office is the comprehensive administration of the administrative work of the Xicheng District Library。Principal responsibility for documents、information、Propaganda、 Photography、Art Designer、exhibition、General、Purchase、Check work attendance、Finance、archives、Repair、Fire control、security、Newspapers and periodicals、Day-to-day affairs, such as the management of self-study rooms;Responsible for foreign liaison and leadership at all levels for inspection and guidance、 Visitors and guests;Organizational arrangements for coordination and major activities in various departments。

Editing and editing department

    The library editing department is located on the one floor of the library,Area70Square meter,Practitioners6people。The editing and editing department is the business department of the basic work of the library,Responsible for the entire(Including community libraries)An interview with Chinese books and Xicheng District local documents、Cataloging task。The function of the book is an interview with the book、Catalogue、machining、Arrangement。

Borrowing two documents

    The personal borrowing department is located in the three floor of the library,Mainly provide library loan and reading service。

Information Advisory Department

    The information technology department is located in the two layer of the library,The main office rooms include:Multimedia Network Center、Reference room、Collective audiovisual room、Ancient book reading room、Central Control Room、Tourist information room and music room。

A literature review

    The comprehensive work department is located on the first floor of the library,The main office rooms include:Newspaper and Periodical Reading Room、Visually impaired reading room、German information and German self-study Center、China and Switzerland Sustainable Development Center。

Ministry of social work

    The Ministry of social work is mainly responsible for the whole region14A street branch、Collective borrowing point、Related work of mobile borrowing point。The main work includes:Grass-roots guidance、A branch of business street guidance、Mobile book car borrowing、Collectives borrowing and so on。

Xicheng District Library Management Association

    Beijing Xitu association over the years of the region's primary and secondary school libraries and Community Libraries、The room has carried out the service guidance of the industry,Organize the central authorities、enterprises and institutions、troops、School、Research on academic exchanges at home and abroad by community libraries、writing Study tour、Co construction and sharing of literature resources in the central and regional areas,Participating in the international seminar and the project research project in Beijing,Carry out the continuing education to the staff of the library、Business technology training and interlibrary interlibrary Communication and cooperation。

    In a long-term cultural exchange,Beijing Xitu Association and the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office、Ministry of culture、Chinese Library Society、Beijing City Library Association and the United States、Germany、Sweden、Japan、Related institutions and books of South Korea and other countries in China The museum has established a friendly relationship。Lately,And SwedenLIFEInstitutions on scientific research、Train、A letter of intention of cooperation has been signed in environmental protection and other aspects,Establish a friendly partnership。
    Beijing Xitu association not only to do this in the field of library management,And actively assisting the work of the national small and medium Library Federation,The National Library Director's theoretical symposium has been successfully held on several occasions。To support the poverty-stricken areas in the West Library Construction,Actively advocating the development of the library community“Pull a hand with a big hand,The East and west of the East”Love and poverty alleviation activities,The establishment of Libraries in Beijing and the poor areas of central and Western China“The overseas Chinese heart”The electronic reading room has won the love of Hongkong Chinese people and charity donation。

    “Independent innovation,Realizing the leapfrog development”It is the idea that our association follows。henceforth,International cultural exchanges and cooperation、Deepen the project discussion、Training of librarians at all levels、Project consultation、Continuing education and other aspects,Will give full play to the guiding role of the industry,Make the association a public library——Advanced culture——An important link in a harmonious society。

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