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24The hourly self-help library appears in the West City


     Take one“One card solution”Reader card insert read card mouth,Self-help selection of books that need to be borrowed on electronic pages,A few seconds,The book from the book exit“spit”Come out。Resembling the shapeATMMachine“24Hourly self-help Library”In front of the gate of the first library in Xicheng District,The citizens have passed this equipment,You can borrow books like in the library、Book。

     4month26day,The first in Xicheng District24An hour self-help library officially opened trial operation,The equipment is located at the gate of the first library in Xicheng District side,Resembling the shapeATMmachine,Accommodating400Book of surplus books。hold“One card solution”Reader card reader,Borrow books、The book is like a self-help bankATMPick up money on the machine、Saving money as convenient and quick。A city without a book card The people can also take their own ID card directly on this machine to help themselves with the library card,Just scan the ID card and enter the deposit on the machine,You can complete the loan card.,And then realize all - weather self - help borrowing books。

     it is reported,The first construction of the first library of Xicheng District6platform“24Hourly self-help Library”Will run in succession,24The launch of the hourly self-help Library,Break through the limitations of the traditional library in the region and time,Extend the service function of the library to any place of demand,Provide for readers24Hourly uninterrupted service,Make citizens enjoy more convenient public cultural services。



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