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The list of service points outside the Xicheng District Library

        Troop system:

                  Tiananmen flag guard

                  Diaoyutai national guest guard

                  Political Department of the police department of the Ministry of public security

                  West Street, West Street, Jingshan Hill21Number library

                  A management department second artillery command

                  61889A troop of four squadron

                  Nine units of the armed police Xicheng District detachment




                  66381troops5A company

        Prison system:

                  Beijing prison

                  Beijing City offender deportation Office

                  Xicheng District caretaker in Beijing

        Learning organization:

                  Beijing Xicheng District Committee

                  Research room of the people's Government of Xicheng District, Beijing

                  Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Xicheng Branch

                  Xicheng District Liaison Office

                  Xicheng District Audit Bureau

                  Xicheng District Old Cadre Bureau

                  Xicheng District Commerce Commission

                  Xicheng District residual Federation

                  Xicheng District transportation Brigade


                  Official Garden Community


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