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Database introduction:

《China Digital Library》It is a professional digital content knowledge service platform launched by Founder Apabe,It contains most of the full-text resources of books since the founding of the People's Republic of China.、Newspapers and Yearbooks at All Levels in China、Reference book、Digital resource products such as pictures。The purpose is to provide professional knowledge services for readers.。

The electronic library isApabiThe Core Content of Digital Resources System,At present, Fangzheng Apabi has been with500Comprehensive cooperation of several publishing houses,Covering social sciences、humanity、Management、Classification of Chinese Graphics in Literature。

Newspaper database is the first full-text database in China that integrates full-text retrieval of articles and original online newspapers.。The database not only provides users with content-level queries of major authoritative newspapers nationwide through professional classification system and retrieval methods suitable for newspaper resources.、Retrieval service,It will also provide original newspaper browsing and other value-added services based on newspaper resources.。

The reference library is the library of Peking University.、Fudan University Library、University of Chicago Library、Harvard Yenching Library、Joint Guidance Design of Princeton University Library,Domestic professional、Authoritative reference book resources as the main database products。Users can not only use the database efficiently、Convenient query and retrieval of knowledge and items,At the same time, it can also pass the original version of the reference book.CEBXceb,thenQuotation of Acquisition of Knowledge、Navigation Links and Assisted Learning。

The Yearbook Bank was co-sponsored by Fangzheng Apaby and the Yearbook Working Committee of China Publishers Association.,Full-text Yearbook Database of Mainstream Specialities in China recognized and actively participated in by the national Yearbook circle。The Yearbook resources included cover all fields and regions of China's national economic and social development.,A more authoritative information resource system has been formed to comprehensively reflect China's national conditions and local conditions.。

“Art Museum”Picture databases are composed of hundreds of scholars、expert、Staff participation,Carefully select hundreds of thousands of excellent works that best represent the world's artistic achievements,applicationApabiThe Most Advanced Map Reading System Developed,Reproduction of the charm of each art treasure。“Art Museum”Picture database has become the world's largest art picture library。 

Access mode:

Direct login in Library Network,No need to enter account password。

Library visit:http://www.apabi.com/xcdl

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