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The Internet age, bullish on my wallet

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-01-08 READ:3338

The beginning of the year,High incidence of network fraud,To avoid the loss of your wallet,1month7day,Xicheng District first library invited female network police Gao Yuan,For the reader《Network Age,Look at my wallet》A lecture on the topic。

High yuan,Beijing city public security bureau net an five team leader in the team,Beijing Municipal Women's Federation vice chairman,Have won the national special people's police、The national and Beijing cities“The 38 red banner pacesetter”、“My favorite capital of the people's police”A variety of awards,Is aBit fighting in the virtual world、Female guardians who protect the safety of Internet users。She“The legendary female network police”Red micro-blog,Not only set up a network communication platform for mass work,It also shows a good image of the police in the capital.,Innovation and promotion of the rapid development of the mass work in the virtual society。

In the lecture,The police officer explained the internet police first.(Network police for short)Work content。Network police focus on combating network crimes involving illegal intrusion or destruction of computer information systems,Management of networking units according to law,Supervision of the security of important information systems。The content of the net police's jurisdiction is very close to our food and food.,Their daily service to the people of the network system such asICcard、Network payment as an object of inspection,The focus of the work is similar to the fire check,Network security is in the bud,And set up the units of these network systems、company,Once a technical failure occurs or is attacked by a hacker,The network police will help solve the trouble、Detection of cases。

High police officerThe problem of lack of awareness in the process of Internet access is explained in detail.,Help you recognize a variety of network traps and deception,Thus effectively prevent the loss of the mass property under the network environment。

At the end of the lecture,High police officers have interacted with readers,People ask questions enthusiastically,High police officer's patient answer,Further popularizing the knowledge of Internet fraud,High police officer said:“When everyone has a sense of network security,Everyone complied with the cyberspace order,Our net police are the most successful!”I hope everyone will work together,Give Way“network security”,use“safe net”!


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