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The reader symposium held in the first library of Xicheng District

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-01-08 READ:3155

To strengthen the communication and communication between the library and the readers,Further improving the service quality and management level of the library,1month7Sunday morning,The reader symposium was held in the first library of Xicheng District。Library deputy hall Changan Xin、Shi Luo, director of the editing and editing department、Two director Liang Yuan and the reader representatives participated in the Symposium。

The meeting,Director Liang expressed a warm welcome to the audience.,And the resources of the library、function、The service is briefly introduced。The representatives of the readers in the Symposium,A full affirmation of the work carried out by the library,In particular, the activities held in our Pavilion、The lecture was given a high degree of evaluation,They have expressed their enthusiasm for the service of the staff of the library、thoughtful,Let the reader have a warm sense of home。

From the point of view of the different needs of the readers,It also puts forward some constructive suggestions and suggestions for the service of the library.。such as:It is suggested that on the basis of the original self-help book service,Add self-help book service in a floor hall;It is suggested that the book resource update can be quicker、More timely;Recommending the activities of the reader exchange model,Let readers share their own life experiences and experiences, etc.。

Last,The deputy curator expressed heartfelt thanks to the readers for their valuable opinions and suggestions for the work of the library.,The library will comb and summarize the opinions and suggestions,Further improve the quality of service、Expanding the scope of service,Try to meet the readers' different needs as far as possible。


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