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The characteristics of the Hutong in the west city of Beijing

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-01-08 READ:3204


    1month6day,The first Xicheng District library invited Beijing Cultural Relic Protection Association、Kang Guangyun, a member of the history and land Folklore Society,For the readers“The characteristics of the Hutong in the west city of Beijing”Subject lecture。

    Teacher Kang Guangyun starts with the concept and characteristics of the Hutong in Beijing West City,The readers have explained the famous features of the West City Hutong,A celebrity in the Hutong、Hall、Temple、Intangible cultural heritage project,The little-known historical story behind the Hutong and the relationship between the West City Hutong and the West City Culture。The number of hutongs in Xicheng District is large,Have a long history,Its culture is also extremely rich,Except for celebrities、Distinguished Villa、Palace、Outside the temple,There are many historical stories and folkloric customs。Some of the names of the hutongs have gone through700It is still in use for many years.,To become a beautiful scenery line in Beijing。

Mr. Kang's explanation is rich and colorful,Existing theory,There are also vivid examples,Let you have a better understanding of the features of the Beijing Hutong.。The lecture was well received by the readers.,A number of warm applause in the meeting,Everyone said,Increase knowledge through lectures,Let yourself benefit a lot。



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