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Prevention and treatment of insomnia

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-01-14 READ:2301


1month13day,A new year's lecture on health in the first year of the Xicheng District Library,Inviting Zhang Yuncheng, chief physician of Dongcheng District traditional Chinese medicine hospital,For the reader《Prevention and treatment of insomnia》Subject lecture。

In the lecture,Director Zhang told you,Insomnia is not terrible,Everyone is suffering from insomnia because of a variety of controllable or uncontrollable factors.,But there is no need to worry too much,From the point of view of traditional Chinese Medicine,Can be treated by drug therapy、environmental effect、The auxiliary conditioning of emotional control and dietary regulation,The quality of sleep can be alleviated and improved to a great extent.。Director Zhang introduced some living tips for preventing and alleviating insomnia.、Common sense,Some effective prescription and suitable ingredients for preventing and alleviating insomnia are also introduced.,From the point of view of life, it's better to explain how it is done to improve the quality of daily sleep.。

At the end of the lecture,Director Zhang actively interact with readers,Not only did you answer all of your questions,Hand in hand: professor you how to massage acupuncture points by centering gas,The lecture All seats are occupied.,Readers have reap a lot,The whole activity came to an end in an orderly and lively atmosphere。



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