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Video lectures on the interpretation of "Public Library Law"

CATE:News DATE:2018-01-24 READ:703

《People's Republic of China Public Library Law》since2018year1month1Since the formal promulgation and implementation of the day,Receive extensive attention from all walks of life,1month2324Two days in a day,The first library of Xicheng District organized the staff of the library and the grass-roots streets、Community library staff togetherLook at itPublic Library Lawunscramble”Lecture video。

This video lecture is made up ofProfessor of Peking University、Mr. Li Guoxin, chairman of the Expert Committee on the construction of the national public culture service system of the Ministry of culture。《Public Library Law》After the party's nineteen major convening,The first cultural legislation adopted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress,Strengthening the management of Public Libraries、Promoting the development of Public Library、It is of great significance to safeguard the basic cultural rights and interests of the people。

       The first library of Xicheng District actively publicize the public library law,Not only did the public carry out legal propaganda and education,At the same time, the legal consciousness of the staff of the library has been strengthened.,As a part of the library,Carry out the study in depth《Public Library Law》,To promote the development of the library、The construction of a cultural power has played a positive role.。

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