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From the heart for long time moving in Banff -- xingshe lecture series "world tour of canada"

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-02-01 READ:832

    1month27day,The first session of the new year in a series of lectures“A trip to Canada”The first formal lecture in Xicheng District Library,Our Pavilion is a member of the Chinese Photographer Association、《Popular Photography》Director of the design department of the magazine,The travel photographer, Mr. Zhang Jing, brought a wonderful lecture on travel photography.。

    Mr. Zhang has been to many countries and cities,Every trip has his own unique experience and experience,The trip to Canada. He came to Banff National Park,Detailed travel strategy and schedule,He captured the aurora shock and magnificent journey of the king。The whole trip while enjoying the beautiful Lake Louise、Moraine lake and Lewis mountains of the beauty of a landscape of lakes and mountains,Record a wonderful moment with a camera,There is a harmonious relationship between people and animals,There is also the grandeur of nature.。The aurora borealis is one of the most spectacular and beautiful natural wonders of nature.,In the high latitudes of the sky,A bright bright green arc produced by an electronic cloud,Sometimes with the red or pink border,Mystical and mysterious,Want to make such a beautiful view,In addition to the selection of photographic equipment is very important,There are also deep shooting experience and skills,Mr. Zhang elaborated on the use and method of light and the skills of outdoor shooting.,The unique skill and life of photography、The heartfelt love of nature,Prompted him to record the shock and movement of his journey。

    In the lecture, Mr. Zhang also introduced the tips for making the offensive in the free line,How to book a cheap ticket、How to collect accommodation information、How to integrate into the local people's life and so on,A good travel reference for the readers,The whole lecture was successfully completed in a warm applause。

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