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CATE:ShareExperiences DATE:2018-01-29 READ:697

Book review author:Nizheng

《Chaohuaxishe》This book is written by Mr. Lu Xun.1926year,The only recollectionProsecollection,Formerly《Rake up the past》,《Chaohuaxishe》It was a later modified name。“towards”In the early years,“Pennsylvania”It means that the late years mean the morning flowers in the evening to pick up,This book refers to Mr. Lu Xun in the later years of childhood memories、Juvenile period、Some people and things in the youth period。

Lately,I re read Mr. Lu Xun《Chaohuaxishe》,In his late years, he refelt his young years in the perspective of the vicissitudes of life.。Various articles in the anthology,It's worth your fine taste。Now read Mr. Lu Xun carefully《Chaohuaxishe·From Baicaoyuan to Sanweishuwu》,Enjoy the naivete from time to time revealed from the feelings between the lines,Eyes not a fascinating picture of natural images,Feel the childhood of Lu Xun's。“Oil from here sings,The crickets are playing the harp here。Turn off the broken bricks,The centipede is sometimes met.;Cantharidis and cantharidis,If you hold down its spine with your fingers,A sound will be taken,A burst of smoke from the back……”The wonder of nature is seen from the eyes of the young boy,The appearance and sound of all kinds of insects,The joy of playing, and so on,All write hit off。

I read Mr. Lu Xun's essay full of childhood memories,The feeling of love of nature at the bottom of Mr. Lu Xun's heart,Yearning for freedom of childlike innocence。As if seeing Lu Xun in his young age,When the big people do not pay attention to it,Into the garden。All the feelings are so naivete,Recollection,Maybe it's the resonance in my heart,In particular, the author looks at the world with a child's eye,Reading makes people feel friendly,Full of passion。

In the article, Mr. Lu Xun showed that he loved nature,The passion for freedom,Hope to be free to play,Close contact with nature,I don't want to be a parent all day,A bundle of slaves,This is a child specific.。I had so much moved after I read the article。Childhood is getting far away,It's just a few memories.,It's better to read it carefully.《Chaohuaxishe》,Experience the dream of the childhood in that different age,Love nature with Lu Xun,Yearning for freedom。

Everyone has his own childhood。There's a bitterness and a smile in my childhood。But they all left a good memory in their own heart。It was written by Lu Xun.“Chaohuaxishe”It is the memory of his childhood and his youth。

I hope you will have time to sit in the library for an afternoon,Find a book that you like,Experience the truth slowly,Or let the author lead into a new world,Feel the charm of books。



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