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Simplicity is the most beautiful human nature -- a sense of reading the border city

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Book review author:Lianmengzhe

The first time to read the border city,People often see its storyline,Pay attention to the love fate of Cui Cui.But it's a long time.,Put down the papers and books in your hand,Sometimes suddenly sprouted back to the book of tea cave to see the idea,Not for the plot,It's just as if it's a long time to see the playful humor of the city's Emotional TV series,Suddenly want to see ancient costume drama classical euphemism general。

Man is a sensory animal,If all the roles of the film are mediocre,I'm afraid it won't be seen.。The first reason why love tea cave must be born by the sensual beauty。People in the water home may not have a special feeling,But the yearning for the people living in the north is self-evident.。A green mountain,A lake of clear water,Blue days,The clouds are thin and light。Water boat and chant,A simple and comfortable house village,There are optimistic people and nice accent。

A born beauty,fairyland on earth。

Simplicity is also a kind of beauty,But how many people are in the pursuit of this simplicity today?

Someone said,The most desirable life is nothing more than a dull day,A simple circle,And regular work and rest。

For the heart of man,Simplicity is a simple kind of simplicity.For people in a place,Simple relationship is the premise of life long and flat happiness.So people are used to trust others,Be used to tolerance and selflessness,The relationship between people as much as possible New problems crop up unexpectedly.。If it is not a coincidence that the two brothers have become the enemy of the love and unavoidable,People have a bright and bright solution。

The so-called beauty of human nature,That's not the way it is.“simple”Two words?

Beauty and Ugliness,Concomitant with each other,Be both opposite and complementary。

Shen Congwen is a man from the fairyland to the world,Home in peace and beauty,Shanghai's physical flow,But the most beautiful fairyland is unpopular,On the other hand, there is a large number of people seeking to be ugly and greedy,So in the heart,The United States border town;Human world,Tea cave also became a border town。Only one man wakes up,Look at beauty with an obsession and look at the ugly,Therefore,Beauty appears in the ugliness,Both opposite and complementary beauty。

Such a beautiful tea cave,Such a beautiful human nature,Such a simple life,Why quzhongrensan eventually,A tragedy?

perhaps,A more beautiful person,The enemy but ill fated,The enemy is short of life。

Perhaps,The misery of the surface has long been doomed,The happiness and kindness of the mind make the life of her original suffering full of happiness。Poor hours,No father and no mother,If she does not choose to be optimistic,Life will be a torment;Love has been hit hard,Only mild treatment,Not overly anxious and sorrowful,To avoid despair。

Maybe sometimes,Pain comes not only from fate,It also comes from the inner sense of excessive pain.,Calmness,It's a kind of tolerance for fate.。

Tolerance is fate,Free is the mind。



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