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The south of Beijing that year

CATE:ShareExperiences DATE:2018-01-29 READ:696

Book review author:Song cola

Look at the book,First, it's just the one in the movie.“Farewell”The song went to the movie.,After that, it's because the little actress in the film is very cute.,I went to see the book.——《The old thing in the south of the city》。

It's the same as the movie,We still don't have too much description,performance,Even the beginning of the article includes the beginning of the film,It's all just looking at it“A camel chewing grass”The beginning of the plot.,Frame,The sincerity of the Revelation……

Described in the book“The Madman of the Huian Pavilion”,“Cinnamon”,“Aunt LAN”……I really don't really understand it.,These seem a little bit“Fantastic”,Is it true that the memory of these things will disappear in my mind as the age goes up?,stillIt was such a thing in the south of the city at that time that people could no longer raise their own feelings.,A feeling of feeling……

By comparison,Perhaps the former is more than the latter.“beautiful”some。

Wearing a big flower jacket,In front of the door,The finger is playing with that one on the chest.,The hair angle of the braid of the large black hemp.,Although some have sorrow to dull eyes,But the face is beautiful,The people who are still conspicuous are——Soojin(Come from“The Madman of the Huian Pavilion”)The。

In fact, the fate of a lot of people in this book is enough to say“Miserable”,But very few people can at the time of the South have a slightly brighter,Although the protagonist has a large number of younger siblings, his life is still a well-off life.,Songma(A servant of the master)Forced to work for a living,The occasional brother in the grass had to steal for his brother's tuition……

This reminds me of Lao She in《The Ricksha Boy》A very sad word in that sentence.:“This age,He does not let the good man have a way out!”

Say back to Xiu Zhen,hers“Misery”It's the most attractive plot I think of the book.,Because the fate of those people said before,Her fate is another dramatic,But eventually it is the end of the tragedy.。

The youth of Xiu Zhen has a love between the young and the young.,Bright and virginity,The young man wants to marry but is detained at home by his mother,Never go back。Xiu Zhen gave birth to the next woman,And she was thrown under the homing door by her mother,From then on, there was a rumor“She's crazy.”。

But when xiaoyingzi(The protagonist of this book)Recognize his playmates“Cinnamon”It is the daughter of Sai Zhen's day.,But his mother and daughter in the rainy night and both died in the train。

After being wet and yingzi sick,After a good illness,Also moved home。At that time the yingzi is just like a dream.,But it's not a game.“nightmare”,Because of those smiling faces,A reminiscent of the jokes and laughter.……How can it be a paragraph“nightmare”It?

But still become a weak heart of her childhood,A permanent injury……

We often always want to have a nice look in our eyes,How complicated and messy people and things can look so lovely,But why we can't find it now,Can't do it?



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