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Return to the life aesthetics of the Chinese

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-02-05 READ:787


    2month3day,The first library of Xicheng District invited Dr. Liu Yuedi, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to the Museum,Tell you about it“The life aesthetics of Chinese people”。

    The Chinese pursuit of beauty derives from the love of life,Tireless pursuit of a good life from ancient times to the present。So-called“good”It is the guarantee of the richness and quality of the material,and“beautiful”It refers to the high quality of the spirit.;Survival is the foundation,and“live”It points to interesting、State of existence,So to speak,Chinese life aesthetics is the study of Chinese people's happiness。

    In the lecture,Dr. Liu told us about the West and the West“Life aesthetics”Differences,Dr. Liu said:Chinese cognition of beauty and Western popular“Perceptual Aesthetics”Not the same,Western emphasis“Self perception”Beauty,Chinese people emphasize“self-realization”Beauty。

    Dr. Liu said:The beauty of life is built on the physiological value、Two levels of emotional value,But not only to stay here,The cultural value of higher realm should also be pursued.,As the Confucianists say“Etiquette and music teaching、Ritual and music”,Culture embodies a group of lifestyles,What is needed is more“self-realization”。Chinese life and art aesthetics,Both the Han and Tang Dynasties splendid carvings and paintings complicated beauty,And like waterlilies plain simple beauty,There are Fuchun mountains like rich Oriental beauty of artistic conception of Zen,He asked,Tea zen,The life philosophy and wisdom of too many Chinese people,Chinese beauty conceived in life in harmony,Like nature itself -- highest quality。

    Under the guidance of Dr. Liu's explanation,Everyone said,Life is not just a meal、Read a Book、Watch TV,It can also be in the dripping of life,To find the ideal of carrying beauty,To be true“Life Artist”。


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