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"Small language art class" to start class!

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-02-05 READ:956

    2month4day,An expert in language and art education for children、Chinese good voice《The most beautiful voice》Silver medalist orange sister came to the first library in Xicheng District,A lively and interesting language art lesson for the children。

    Sister orange is a double bachelor's Bachelor's degree in broadcasting and presiding and Journalism at Communication University of China,He has been presided over a number of provincial television stations、Thematic dubbing and broadcasting,Rich experience in language and art teaching for children。Activity,The orange sister first led the children to sit in the seat、Standing posture、On stage、The form training of the downstage,And explain the action and posture that boys and girls have to pay attention to。After the body movement is mastered, it is courage training,The orange sister asked the children to introduce themselves to the stage in turn.,And emphasize:In the process of going up and down, the form of the previous learning should be made accurate.,Speak clearly、Sound volume。In order to correct the kids clear pronunciation、A bad breath,Sister oranges conducted vocal exercises through a group of small games.,“Bite the apple”、“Eat candy”、“Curly tongue”、“Baba mouth”This kind of game is easy to remember and easy to master,Welcome to the children。In order to enhance participatory,The sister of the orange divided the children into two groups.1reach10The labial plosive competition,And then a person as a unit of time5A visual memory contest in minutes,And to“Big hen,Hens,Hen hens flower hens”For your sensitivity training for lines。

    The time of training to end the test results,The orange sister led the 221 groups of children to perform the Allegro performance。The combination of imparting knowledge and game interaction is unanimously welcomed by parents and children。My Pavilion also hopes to enhance children's ability to express language and self-confidence through such activities.,Let the children express themselves、Show yourself。

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