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"The top secret action of the British intelligence organization"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:797

Title:《Top secret action of the British Intelligence Organization》


Press:Northern Literature and Art Publishing House

Call number:I253 /3293

content validity:This is a documentary work,Through full and accurate information、A vivid description,A panoramic view of the development of the British military Bureau,For the formation and development process of the first person readers secret intelligence agencies of the world,Through the case of its classic espionage case,An introduction to genius espionage figures,Show the rise and fall of the Military Affairs Bureau itself,And its unique role in the development of the world intelligence organization and its extraordinary contribution in the two World War。This book is well written,The legendary history of the British intelligence organization has been reproduced by a large number of precious historical pictures。The first person's intelligence agency;007The agent is omnipresent,Impossible to guard against secret eavesdropping;Join the United States,In the intelligence community summon wind and call for rain。

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