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"People live to the extreme, must be plain and Jane."

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:839

Title:《Human beings live to the extreme,It must be the prime and the Jane》

author:sea smoke

Press:Heilongjiang Science and Technology Press

Call number:B821 /660

content validity:《Plain and simple》It is a popular attitude and idea of life in the world,The philosophy of life changing the life of life,Life is simple and happy,The heart is simple and happy。Bid farewell to the complex,Learn to break off,Your way of life has changed from now on。《People's daily》、《Asia week》、《Happy home camp》A way of life。Someone said,It's the hustle and bustle of the city、Fierce competition、Busy work and stressful life make us feel tired,In fact that was not the case.。The pressure and the fatigue of modern people are more from the overflow of material and the indulgence of the material desires.。So-called“The more the possessive,The more the possession is”,We are actually bound to the world of materialism。people,In fact, there is a better choice——“Break away from the house”。After reducing unwanted materialism,We can see happiness,Can we get a life without being tedious。

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