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"Take the subway to play Tokyo"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:926

Title:《Take the subway to play in Tokyo》

author:A group of journalists all over the world

Press:People's post and Telecommunications Press

Call number:K931.39 /219

content validity:《Take the subway to play in Tokyo》Selected Tokyo hot6Stripe wire and2Private railway line,Encompassing superhuman tourist attractions around the main subway stations、Monument Shrine、Famous delicacy、Shopping mall、Tidal small objects……Each scenic spots are marked with the detailed data of traffic information,Match the detailed street map around the subway station,Clear and clear,Even a visitor to Tokyo for the first time,It can also be easily understood.——By subway,Enjoying the wonderful easy changeable Tokyo style。This book also aims at the special theme of each station、The hot spots are planned“Popularity recommendation”“Travel Smart”“Circumjacent Tour”Equal unit,A lively page and thematic report,Show more depth、A more interesting view of Tokyo's face。《Take the subway to play in Tokyo》It's a good guide for readers to travel to Tokyo, Japan.。

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