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"Practise with the Jin Gang: not tired, no pain, no illness"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:887

Title:《Practice with King Kong :Not tired No pain Not sick》

author:King Kong

Press:Science and Technology Literature Press

Call number:R212 /413

content validity:King Kong《Practice with King Kong:No pain, no pain, no illness》This paper mainly introduces the application of nearly one hundred kinds of traditional Chinese medicine guidance in various common diseases and major diseases,Such as joint disease、Diabetes、Depression、Cancer, etc.。Through the repair essence,The way of outer skin,Let people get sick in a short time、Curative effect。Compared to instruments or sports,Guidance is simple and easy to learn,Wider application population,Young people,The middle-aged and the elderly can be easy to follow、at will、Practice at the ground,Do not increase the burden of the body。

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