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"The reality is not what you see: the journey of quantum gravity"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:839

Title:《Reality is not what you see :The journey of quantum gravity》


Press:Hunan Science and Technology Press

Call number:O41 /53

content validity:What is the basic component of the world?Does time and space really exist?reality(Reality)What is the essence of it?Phenomenal popular popular book《Seven minimalist physics classes》author、Carlo, a theoretical physicist of Italy•Luo Wiley to understand the way grace takes us on a trip to explore the reality:From Democritus to Einstein,From Faraday to gravitational wave,From classical physics to quantum gravity……By introducing how the concept of reality changes over time,How are physicists today to understand the structure of the universe,He provided us with a comparison《Seven minimalist physics classes》A deeper theoretical explanation。

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