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"Plain western food"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:929

Title:《Plain western food》


Press:Chinese encyclopedia press

Call number:TS972 /464

content validity:《Plain western food》It is a creative pure western food recipe developed with love。Author Dulin(Yoli)With a heart of awe of life,Insisting on a pure vegetarian proposition of no egg and no milk,Selection of high quality ingredients beneficial to the body,With the development of the religious delicacy out of a color and beauty taste good Western-style food cuisine。50Creative Western food,50A recipe for love of life and food,Simple and easy to learn steps,A kitchen machine that helps you easily,Even if you're a novice,It's also easy to cook《Plain western food》Material in the book。You can imagine that soy milk can also make mayonnaise、Can tofu make chocolate mousse?Not only can you do it,And it's delicious.!

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