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"Zhu mark on"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-02-07 READ:869

Title:《Zhu mark on》

author:This to Vinnie

Press:Dolphin Publishing House

Call number:J292.4 /111

content validity:《Zhu mark on》Wei is a force yinpu as the theme of the essays,A record of the author's reading of Wang Qishu《Feihongtang ancient seal book》The thoughts and comments。《Feihongtang ancient seal book》It is a famous book in the history of Chinese Indian Studies,With it《Study of Shan Tang yinpu》《Lai Gu Tang yinpu》And called“Three Hall yinpu”。By Wang Qishu in fine print yinpu,By the author《Feihongtang ancient seal book》Select print is particularly interested in more than 100 square,Find by hard and thorough search,To find out the source of each sentence seals,Talk about the character of improvisation,Express the feeling,Through Wang Qishu's mouth watering in the indignation。This is an interesting dialogue between ancient and modern two Tibetan calligraphers through time,Everywhere flashes the wisdom and light of life。

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