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2018 China - Vietnam traditional exhibition opened in the West New Year paintings a map

CATE:News DATE:2018-02-07 READ:752

   “Numerous households pupil pupil、Change the new peach to the old one”。2month6day,China ASEAN Center、International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of Vietnam、Co sponsored by the Beijing people's Foreign Friendship Association and the people's Government of Xicheng District, Beijing2018China-Vietnam exhibition held in Beijing city of Xicheng District traditional New Year paintings first library。

    China and Vietnam are linked mountains and rivers、Be closely related and mutually dependent neighbours。The people of the two countries live adjacent to each other.,Since ancient times, there is mutual understanding and mutual understanding,There are also many customs and cultures.。On the occasion of the two countries celebrate2018The Spring Festival is coming,in、Is jointly organized by the traditional New Year Paintings Exhibition。The exhibition includes China and traditional Vietnamese products in all New Year paintings25Picture,It represents both the artistic and local characteristics of the two countries,It also embodies the origin of the same pulse。On the art exhibition,Readers can see East Lake、A collection of annual paintings from the townships of drum row street and other Vietnamese folk paintings,We can also appreciate the aesthetic of Chinese ancient people、The unique folk Year paintings of the spirit and faith。

    The traditional year painting is an important carrier of the living culture inheritance attached to the form of folk life,Deep understanding of humanistic implication,The distinctive meaning of folklore,The density of information carrying,It is incomparable to many other years of vulgarity。The purpose of this activity is to preserve the beauty and traditional values of the paintings of the year painting.。Let the readers realize the traditional value of cultural history similar to the Spring Festival of the two countries,For—The more deep understanding of the two years' pictures of the two countries。

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