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Notice of closing and reforming the three level personal borrowing Department

CATE:Notices DATE:2018-02-08 READ:1899

Xicheng District first library

Notice on the closure of the three level personal borrowing Department


Respected friends of the readers:

Xicheng District Library1999The year falls into the opening of the open house,It's already running19year,Some of the facilities need to be updated。Create a comfortable reading environment for readers,Approved by the Xicheng District cultural commission,Xicheng District library is scheduled to2018year3month1Solstice2018year5month28On the transformation of the museum closed three layers of personal loan department。

During the closing,The return and service of the literature will continue to be carried out,The location is adjusted to a hall service desk;Other rooms are open as usual,The lecture activities are also continued,If there are other changes,Further notice;24Hour self-service machine and the street branch will open as usual,Continue to provide documentation for you。

The inconvenience to all the readers and friends,Forgive me for understanding。

For details, please consult66561158 / 59-106,Or log in to the library websitehttp://www.xcdl.com.cn/query。



Xicheng District first library


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