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A map of the 2018 family visit the west culture theme exhibition

CATE:News DATE:2018-02-08 READ:734

    To carry out the general secretary of Xi Jinping“Focus on the family、Pay attention to family education、Focus on the family tradition”The spirit of instruction,Run by the capital civilization、Municipal Women's Federation、Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group Co sponsored2018“The Chinese tradition”The cultural theme exhibition opened in the Century Hall of the century of China。2month6day、7day,Party members of the first library in Xicheng District、The cadres and some of the people went to visit and study。

    Exhibition sharing“home”、“Tutor”、“Family”Three parts,Not only shows the Chinese tradition contains the Chinese lifestyle and life ideal,More embodies the harmonious and integrated relationship in Chinese traditional culture。Some of the different nationalities、A family of different beliefs,Show us a nice and harmonious side,Examples and examples of multicultural coexistence and mutual prosperity for a world in a clash of Civilizations。All along a small family story、A portrait of a beloved photograph,Enjoy the way of family harmony、The beauty of harmony between husband and wife、Filial piety old the happiness of a family union、Neighbourhood mutual assistance……Feel the desire of people to yearn for a harmonious and full life。

    Family is,Folk customs,Folk custom,Social prosperity。Patriotism and law-abiding、Abide by the courtesy、Equality and harmony、Dedication and integrity、Green thrift is the essence of Chinese excellent traditional family culture,We firmly believe,The excellent tradition spirit,The inheritance and development of the contemporary Chinese children,The infinite color and light of the new era。

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