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The quintessence of the classic pear garden

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-02-08 READ:786

    “2018Internet books have gone through the year”New spring series“Pear orchard Dance Sheng Ping”The theme exhibition of opera culture2month5The curtain is opened in the two storey Hall of the first library of Xicheng District,This exhibition is hosted by the Digital Library Promotion Project,Xicheng District first library。

    The exhibition is divided into three parts,Respectively“Map spectrum of China”“Comic and comic stage”“Small Troupe”Three parts,From the five species、Classic repertoire、Famous performers、Cosmetic performance and other aspects,Introduce Beijing opera to you、Henan Opera、Shaoxing opera、Peking Opera、The traditional opera Huangmei has distinctive knowledge Chinese performance characteristics and aesthetic charm,meanwhile,Based on the classical repertoire and the famous star,Help you to get a deep understanding of the quintessence of the art,In addition to,Two dimensional codes with related resources are attached to each board.,The audience only needs to take out the mobile phone,Scanning two-dimensional codes can be involved in interaction,And get more cultural resources of opera。Each exhibition board is carefully designed,Set culture、Knowledge and interaction in one,Let the audience understand the artistic charm of Chinese traditional drama more intuitively。

    The Xicheng District first library also opened an online exhibition on the website and the WeChat public.,It is convenient for the audience to share the opera knowledge with his family and friends all the time and anywhere,Share the fun of reading。

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