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Independent thinking after celebrity celebrity words be the same outside and inside -- "my grandfather's two"

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-02-11 READ:887

    2018The birthday of the famous master of Confucianism, Mr. Liang Shuming125anniversary,To commemorate this special day, 2month10day,The first library of Xicheng District invites Mr. Liang Shuming, young sun Liang Qinning, into the library,For the readers“Celebrity after a celebrity”Series of lectures31speak——《My grandfather's two》。

    Liang Shuming is a modern Chinese thinker、educator、Social activist、One of the early representative figures of the modern Neo Confucianism,The main study of life and social problems,Yes“The last great Confucianist in China”Called。Once taught in the Department of philosophy of Peking University,Run for national affairs during the war of resistance against Japan,Seeking domestic solidarity。In a time flow in the wind and clouds,Liang Shuming has its own independent and unique cultural thinking,The first voice left extremely elegant and valuable。author《The culture of the East and the West and its philosophy》、《The theory of rural construction》、《Chinese cultural Essentials》Other works。

    Mr. Liang Qinning is Chinese Confucius deputy director of the foundation's Research Center、Senior fellow of the China School of rural construction, Southwestern University,Liang Shuming's related text、Collection of pictures and oral historical data、Collation and promoters。In the lecture,Mr. Liang Qinning narrated Liang Shuming's independent thinking and action in the new cultural movement and the 54 Movement,Liang Shuming and Cai Yuanpei、Hu Shi、May Fourth leader、Li Dazhao、Zhang Shenfu and other scholars of the Republic People's friendship with your temper,Liang Shuming is India's poet Tagore about the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius etc.。At the end of the lecture,Mr. Liang also shared with his readers the past between him and his grandfather。

    philosopher“Independent thinking,Be the same outside and inside”The study of learning、The spirit of the world,Is a precious spiritual wealth。Through the narration of teacher Liang,Readers know the little-known story behind the Chinese master Liang Shuming,Express his sincere admiration for him。The lecture All seats are occupied.,Everyone is deeply attracted by the wonderful story of Mr. Liang,Received the unanimous praise from the readers。

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