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Historical records

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Book review author:Zhaoruizheng

《Redords of the Grand History of China》Is the first Western Han Dynasty famous historian Sima Qian wrote China historical biographical history,Be listed as“Twenty four”The first。

Everyone may know《Redords of the Grand History of China》This book,But a lot of people haven't seen it。Because in the heart of most people:The history of too long,I don't have much to do with my life now.,There are some other books in a spare time.。

But I personally think,《Redords of the Grand History of China》It's very worth seeing.。What you know in the book is not just history,At the same time, it can be learned from books to the noble character and intelligence of the ancients,And learn about people,Of things,An understanding and opinion of things。Especially when you are really careful to read,I'll find it,A lot of problems in your life,The person I met,You need to deal with things,It's not as difficult to understand as you think.,It's so hard to solve。A lot of things,The ancients have told us how we should do it,How to deal with it。

Understand history,Understand our culture,Self perception from history。《Redords of the Grand History of China》It's the first history book worth reading,It's a good book to read again and again.。


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