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Reclaiming cultural confidence from the beginning of reading the Tang Poetry -- the book review of the three hundred Tang Poems

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Book review author:Xiu Hong Dong

People in today's countries are keen to celebrate all kinds of things.“Foreign festival”,Christmas、Valentine's Day、Easter、Halloween、The Thanksgiving Day is under the blind pursuit of the merchants and the young generation,More and more with luxuriant foliage.,Even with the overwhelming trend。On the TV screen, it's like the temple of heaven、Tadpoles find their mother、The monkey is as beautiful as the freely flowing style of writing.、China ink painting painting animation works are kept,Instead of the full screen of Japan、The hard imitation of Hollywood animation。Even the more western style of emotional expression:If that proposal on one knee in the ring,At the end of the weeping of the woman and the happiness of the man;To express love even words that have been scarce are omitted.,Directly marked with numbers520(I love you)、201314(Love you with my whole life)……

I do not know when to start,In this way, foreign culture permeates all aspects of our life.,“The traditional one is the outdated、The foreign is the advanced”This culture is light、The psychological unconfidence of culture is also latent in the hearts of the people of the country, especially the younger generation,It has to be said that this has become a problem that should be alerted to us。Fortunately, it is,Realize the Chinese dream now,The blueprint for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is put forward at the national level,inherit、To carry forward excellent traditional culture is an indispensable part of it,All walks of life are under the call of the state,Take a positive action。

In recent days, CCTV's program can be said to be a real fire.,The cumulative ratings are said to be amazing.11.63Hundreds of millions of people,That is《Chinese poetry Conference》。from all walks of life、Contestants of different ages use poetry as their swords in the program,contest with each other,It's very fascinating.。My family and I've been looking at it all the way.,So I'll buy it many years ago.,But never read it again.《Three hundred Tang Poems》Find out,Contrast lookup。Shuran found,The beauty of these poems is suffocating:“Tianmen interrupt the Chu River,Blue water goes back to the East。Green hills on both sides of the Taiwan Straits,From a day to。”“The moon and the two,No wind mirror on the surface of the pond。Look at the color of the landscape in Dongting,A white snail in a silver plate。”,The injury is to let people heart pain:“Days of Wine and Roses,The Dongfeng is unable to be disabled。Till death do us part,Wax torch ashes tears。”“On high, we'd be two birds flying wing to wing,On earth, we'd be two trees with branches twined from spring to spring。A long time to the end,Trouble Every Day。”In addition to these landscape gardening、The poems of the children's Acacia,There is lack of the poet's heart full of his feelings:“The moon of Qin shines yet over the passes of Han,Long march has not yet。But the dragon fly in,Not taught Ma degrees Yinshan Hu。”“Business women do not know their hate,Across the river still sing backyard flower。”There is a poet in his living cottage made such a cry--“It will be nice to have thousands,World famous Great Jubilee land,The wind and rain are not moving like a mountain!Alas,When to see the house abruptly,I die and die in the cold.!How wide is this?、Great bosom……

read《Three hundred Tang Poems》Unfold the vast expanse of ancient poetry,We not only touch the romantic feelings of the poets, but also feel the unity of their inner country.、The resonance of the fate of the individual and the state。In today's time,To regain our cultural confidence, start with the poetry of the Tang Dynasty,Let the romantic confidence and lingering feelings in our hands forever inheritance。



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