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"A motley crew" Book Review

CATE:ShareExperiences DATE:2018-02-25 READ:1315

Book review author:Huangjingyi

     Since childhood, psychology is a very mysterious subject.,Age is getting bigger and bigger,The curiosity of psychology is becoming more and more intense。In fact, I think that learning psychology is a kind of tort in some way.,Because we seem to have no right to interfere in the psychology of others,Most people do not want to let others see the secrets of their own heart,This is the same for me.。

    So why am I going to choose《A motley crew》What about this book of Psychology?I want to think about it in the opposite direction,The more secret it is, the more important it is,The more important it is, the more necessary it is to understand.。I do not want to let others know the heart,But we don't have to know ourselves.,Reading the books of psychology always does not suffer.。

More than 100 years ago, Bon, a French scholar, was a conservative social elite.,He is opposed to traditional nationalism,Against the emerging collectivism,The admiration of British and American Liberalism。He lived in the years of the French Revolution,Through the historical period, such as the Paris commune and the Second Empire of France,Witnessing the French people after the collapse of traditional beliefs and authority,In the near religious revolutionary passion,Degenerate into a group of barbaric、Fickle、Extreme primitives,On the instigation of a few,The people will not hesitate to make appalling atrocities,The medal of honor for patriotism later。Therefore,Le Pen in《A motley crew》Summing up the way:Public lack of reason,Relying on the guidance of faith and authority,Judge by imagination,Imitating the behavior of others,In short,The people are blind.。

“The unconscious behavior of the group takes the place of the conscious behavior of the individual,This is one of the most prominent features of the present age”This is the first thing Bon mentioned in this book.,This point of view is explained in detail.:A person who is always intellectually less than alone;As long as he is a member of an organized group of body weight,He retreated a few steps on the ladder of civilization.。Ad locum,I want to take an elective course20Examples in the war and peace of the century。German economy after the end of the first World War、Life、All sectors of society are paralyzed,At this time the British and French tightened the claim for the German economic indemnity,More arousing the hatred of the German people to the outside world。Under the impetus of the world economic crisis,Corporal Hitler and his Nazi Party had a good chance,In a one - time speech,Hitler intensifies the patriotic feelings of the German people,People for the most willing to do things utterly devoid of conscience,The Third Reich became a dictatorship based on the democratic system.。I think Hitler is well versed in mass psychology,He figured out the people's psychological,Until the end of World War II,Many people are still unable to wake up from the shadow of the German cross。therefore,It is not the fact that affects the imagination of the masses,It's the way he spread and spread.。

I have only one example here.,In summary,Le Pen in《A motley crew》Two basic problems are studied in this paper.:How the individual is annihilated by the group?How do the groups fall into“A leader's prisoner”The?The group is also the innocent perpetrators,From this point of view《A motley crew》,It's really like a history of human tragedy。I want to be to me or the vast majority of people around me.,National democracy is too far away,But from this book,It is not difficult to see the ignorance and stupidity of the group,Should be more sober in life,Often look at yourself,Don't make the vast crowd a motley crew.。



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