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The first reading of the "Tao Te Jing"

CATE:ShareExperiences DATE:2018-02-25 READ:1243

Book review author:Niguilian

Nothing else,First read it.《The Scripture of Ethics》Sentences in classical Chinese,Most of them are not understood.,Look at the annotation to understand one or two,Understand the details of it。

《The Scripture of Ethics》,Also called《Lao Tzu》,Organized by the Taoist school in the Warring States Period,The theory of Laozi, a thinker in the late spring and Autumn period, was recorded.。The content of cultural communication, such as the national school lecture hall, which is advocated by the state now,Part of it is extracted from the book.,For the present people to learn、Demand itself。

《The Scripture of Ethics》The first sentence in the first paragraph of the first paragraph is:Daokedao,Very good way。Name can be named,Very famous。The beginning of the nameless world,The mother of all things。translation“nothing”Can be used to describe the world opened on the occasion of the state of chaos;and“Yes”,It is the name of the origin of the creation of the universe.。The beginning of the talk“Avenue”and“name”。

This book presents Lao Tzu epoch-making“Avenue”This concept,As the core of the philosophical system of his own。Its meaning is profound and profound,It can be understood from a historical point of view、It can also be understood from the aspect of literature,It can also be explored from the aesthetic principle,More should be thought from the dialectics of the philosophical system。

The content of the book,It is worth every person to think deeply.,Look at the size of heaven and earth,Moral constraints,The origin of all things,The greatness of nature。《The Scripture of Ethics》The book uses few words,The original and basic way of the Taoism to the universe is expounded.,The creation of things、Development、change、The law of existence and so on and the social view、Outlook on life、The basic ideas of the world view。Although most of the article is in a near poetic language,Some obscure and difficult to understand,But“Broad and profound”It's not too much to describe it too much。

Human law,Earth law day,Tian FA Dao,Imitation of nature”,It is Lao Tzu's discussion of the relationship between man and nature。Of course“let things take their natural course”The idea also has a negative side.,If there is no good regulation for spontaneous behavior,Society will become very chaotic, too,Lack of order。 Lao Tzu is the founder of the Taoist school,His thoughts have a great influence on later generations。He“Avenue”The discussion embodies the simple dialectics。In the field of human life,“Non profit”、“Indisputable”Thought,It has a certain effect on the pressure relief of people in the modern society with fierce competition。

So we have to read it over and over again.《The Scripture of Ethics》,A detailed analysis of the content of each word,Every chapter tells us what to teach us,Hope everyone begins to spread the Chinese traditional culture,Positive energy,To learn some of the truth that Lao Tzu had to warn the world。The good virtue inherited by the Chinese children from ancient times to the present,We can't go to our generation to find a sound,Each of our Chinese sons and daughters shoulder the shoulder“Inheritor”This,Spread the Chinese virtues to the world,Let traditional culture spread for a long time。



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