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In the flames of war of the late Han Dynasty, liufangqiangu three

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Book review author:Dinghonghao

“Yangtze River flowing east,Spray hero。Whether or not it is a success or failure,The green hills are still in,A few degrees of sunset red。Jiang Qiao Houzhu white fish.,See the autumn moon and spring breeze。A pot of liquor xixiangfeng,How many things in ancient and modern times,Pay in the joke。”Mention the word,People naturally think that in the flames of war、The battle of wits of the Eastern Han Dynasty,I think of one of the four famous books.《Romance of the Three Kingdoms》。

The book was written by Luo Guanzhong, a novelist in the early Yuan and the early Ming Dynasty,According to the historical facts of the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty,Revise and modify。It tells the story of the Yellow turban army uprising from the Eastern Han Dynasty,Court rebellion,To the Three Kingdoms of Wei Shu Wu Kingdoms,To destroy the Sima family founded the Jin Dynasty history of Three Kingdoms。The novel is a portrayal of many people、The romance of the Three Kingdoms,Such as Cao Cao、Guan Yu、Zhu Geliang and so on;It also portrayed a spectacular war scene,Such as Hulao、The battle of Guandu、The battle of Chibi war etc.,The magnificent scene seems to be in front of the eyes,Shock people;More detailed description of the advisers gave policy,People can not help but admire their plans。

The scope of the book's influence on the folk、The degree of circulation is the only one in the ancient Chinese historical novels.。I think this is the source of these reasons。

First,The characters in the book have their own character.,And very muchdistinct。For example, mention of Cao Cao,It is the world energy minister and troubled Jianxiong;And when it comes to Liu Bei,The first thought is certainly Rende Edmonton;Lv Bu is more brave than wise、Zhou Yu's narrowness of mind、Yuan Shao's arrogance is a sigh of regret;Zhao Yun both intelligent and courageous、He is in the light、Pound would rather die than surrender and admirable。Penetrating description,Portrayed the eyes of one by one.、An unforgettable role。These characters attract readers to continue reading,And it's also an important part of talking about this history。

Second,A narrative of the story,In particular the description of the war scene,It's all fine.。Luo Guanzhong with his unique style,A figure slowly rolled out and gone.。Liu Bei is from a woven mat of shoe small people trafficking step by step into Shu overlord,How did Sun Quan keep balance between the parties in order to preserve the eighty-one state of the six counties in the east of Jiangdong,These ones here,If you read slowly,Fine taste,Can always find the answer。in addition,Although it is said to have changed the history of history,But because of the detailed description of the plot and the characterization of characters,Make the plot reasonable,It doesn't seem abrupt at all.。

Third,And the most critical point,《Romance of the Three Kingdoms》Can give people a lot of inspiration。If you taste it carefully,Deep analysis,You'll find it,A lot of stratagem tactics in it,It is still the best policy to be used in today's time。Social competition now,Not inferior to the chaos,But that's the battlefield of the Ming Dynasty,This is a dark battlefield。therefore,Study the Three Kingdoms,Find ways to make use of the methods that are helpful to you,It's always the best.。

《Romance of the Three Kingdoms》,This legendary work,Worth reading,Dig deep。Read it once,You're going to have a lot of new discoveries,A new feeling,New harvest,When you look back and look at it,You'll find it,You have become one“War house”,Having a sharp analysis and a good strategic contribution.“Wise”。



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