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"All struggle is a kind of unwillingness to be ordinary"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-13 READ:877

Title:《All struggle is a kind of unwillingness to be ordinary》


Press:Modern publishing house

Call number:B821/635

content validity:This book is an inspiring book known to the great God Li Xuran for millions of young people,It is his ten years of experience of the experience of the experience of the summary and understanding of life:There are puzzles and answers,There is an analysis and insight,There is theory and practice.;Don't write“Chicken soup”,Don't play“Chicken”,Use the actual text,Talk about useful life experience。 Whole book49A story written or heard by a writer.,Exceed10Million words of the words from the bottom of the heart,A complete collection of《There is always a generation of people who want to go away from their homes》《Why do we do our best,Still powerless》《Do the rookie well,It is possible to be a Phoenix》《I'm afraid you're going to finish the curve,I thought it was a dream.》《Before work5year,Training the learning ability to widen the gap between others》Internet explosion,The amount of forwarding and reading has been broken10Million times,Countless netizens have been calling“Senior”Lixuran——“What time can your book be published??We must support!” This book also specially included the author's meticulous creation for this book、Dozens of unpublished articles,Every phrase a gem、Wonderful。Only those who have really struggled,Only to understand the hardships of the road;Only those who really have dreams,To enjoy the happiness of self breakthroughs。

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