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"How do not live on the Internet"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-13 READ:885

Title:《How to avoid life on the Internet》


Press:Beijing Joint Publishing Company

Call number:C913/168

content validity:University of Pennsylvania course,《New York guest》《Time》《the atlantic》《Washington Post》《publishers weekly》、CNN(CNN)、Britaincountry《Telegraph》《Slate》《Vice》Western mainstream media have forwardest。The Internet is a trace of our living,How do you surf the Internet,What kind of life is there。 How much time is it a waste of time for us to surf the Internet,How much is it in learning、Care for society、Motivate creativity?We can really break the net,Escape from the social network?Mobile phones turn urban people into a group of electronic zombies,A blessing is a misfortune? Is the browsing record our future memoirs?Document filing belongs to a modern folk art? Non self timer、Pchart、A circle of friends,Am I still me?The famous American conceptual artist Goldsmith thinks:Surfing the Internet is never a waste of time,It's a creative activity.。In this book, he is interdisciplinary、Argumentation of prose language,Related to mass communication、Computer、Psychology,And the film、The fields of modern art and literature and poetry

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