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Pencil sketch from introductory to mastery

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-13 READ:933

Title:《Pencil sketch from introductory to mastery

author:Rambo art station

Press:China Railway Publishing House

Call number:J214/131

content validity:Before the formal study of the sketch,We should do a good job in the preparation before the painting.:Start your painting journey from the knowledge of the pencil;In addition there are many erasing rubber modified you don't know the magical effect;The selection of paper is also a university question。The following line entry into the pencil,Let us understand how to express the level and texture of the picture through the lines。By mastering basic sketching techniques,After the concept of the rhythm and layout of the tone of the picture in the mind,We are more sure when we deal with the picture。On the basis of drawing techniques,You can start practicing from the simplest objects,From easy to difficult,Proceed in an orderly way and step by step,In the end, you can draw a complete picture.、Fine sketches。

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