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"Home health flower and grass encyclopedia"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-13 READ:881

Title:《Home healthy flowers and plants》


Press:Beijing Joint Publishing Company

Call number:S68/395

content validity:The modern society has learned to raise flowers and has become a compulsory course for home life。Know how to choose the environment for your own living environment、Good for yourself and the body of your family A healthy flower variety is as important as the knowledge of the flower maintenance of pupil.。《Home health flowers and herbs(Color graphic)》Select out100A variety of suitable Healthy flowers and plants in home and breeding,Including healthy flowers and plants that monitor air pollution 、Healthy flowers and plants that purify the air、Medicinal herbs、Beauty and beauty flower Grass,《Home health flowers and herbs(Color graphic)》Detailed introduction The main points of the planting and breeding of flowers and plants、Health efficacy and suggestion。

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