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"The rise of the individual: how to keep up his ambition in a step by step"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:772


Title:《Individual rise :How to keep up your ambition in a gradual way》

author:Li Fei Chen

Press:Hunan literature and Art Publishing House

Call number:B848/2211

content validity:《Individual rise》It's a book for the future“Superindividual”An advanced Guide。Chen Lifei, the author of the transition finance, is overtaking in the workplace.,Writing a career with a public nameV,Not only did the writing course be opened,And go into the value of the face+Live broadcast of pay for knowledge。It was said that the tuyere had made him catch up,He said he was the mark of the rise of the individual,Every man in preparation is worthy of the mouth of the wind。 Two years,From small staff to tens of millions of Companies in the year,Chen Lifei found an efficient step in the workplace.,Compared to skills,Thinking makes him go farther。This book records the author's thinking about the rapid growth of individuals over the past two years,Explosive growth not only needs to accumulate,More need to recognize yourself,On the right platform、The right time、The area of the right,Do yourself seriously。Smart people know how to reward yourself with lean,Time will be cruel to punish those who do not change.。Only the hard work can not achieve the transformation of life,You need a more forward-looking vision,A more ambitious path,Realization of explosive growth。Let every growing anxious person find a way,The book will give an answer。

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