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"Use the time of fragmentation"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:943

Title:《Use the fragmentation time》

author:Noguchi Yukio

Press:Cultural Development Press

Call number:C935/31

content validity:《Use the fragmentation time》content validity:Noguchi Yukio is in《Use the fragmentation time》The time management in the process of saving the connection and finding the file is discussed.。Technological progress makes our work more convenient:The development of traffic facilities shortens the travel time;The progress of communication technology makes the connection more timely;The popularity of computers has improved the efficiency of individual work……however,Relying solely on technological progress,It does not produce a surplus of time。We have to finish the work efficiently.,New techniques that need time management more。I hope this book can teach you to recognize it“Time thieves”,Help you find the excess value that is hidden in the time of the debris,Make every minute of your life meaningful。

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