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No matter whether you come or not, I won't wait.

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:743

Title:《Whether you come or not I can't wait to wait

author:Wen Yi

Press:People's daily press

Call number:C913/173

content validity:People live to experience the beauty that has not been experienced.。A bad mouth and humour are two different things,Outspoken and Frank are two different things.,No cultivation and sex are two different things,Regardless of severity and integrity are two different things,We can't get into your life,To give a pain killer,Give it to your palm,ZUIThe end is a single shot,Practice your own courage,No one is the exception.。Wish the good and bad you can carry it clear,Can be sensitive,But don't be sentimental,Nothing is worth a lifetime.!LoveZUIWhat is important is the right person,It's not how hard you work,Love is not God helps those who help themselves。Our life,This is so short,But it is full of wind and rain、hail、thunder,Experience grief、Sad、Struggle,This is a helpless dream。Everything has happened here.,It's worthwhile to put it in the social context,The participants put their emotions into it、Pay,These motivational,Dream,feelings,It's all true。

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