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"Investment from the zero start fund"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:978

Title:《Starting from zero to learn fund investment

author:Zeng Zeng

Press:China Railway Publishing House

Call number:F830/1586

content validity:This book adopts a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical cases,The knowledge of fund investment is introduced in a shallow and deep way。Whole book9chapter,Its contents include:Go into the base city and start from here、How to choose reliable public funds、Start to buy funds from the base Market、Portfolio investment into the fund、Deep understanding of the fund portfolio、Low risk portfolio investment、Stable fund portfolio at medium risk、Portfolio investment with high risk and high yield,And portfolio and investment under the risk of the fund。Through the study of this book,Let investors understand the investment of the fund and have a certain understanding of the construction of the fund portfolio.。This book is suitable for beginners to invest in the vast majority of funds、An introductory study of fund investment by enthusiasts,A practitioner who can also invest in the fund、Reference reading for researchers and teachers and students in Colleges and Universities。

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