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"The rebels: pre Raphaelite world"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:892

Title:《The rebellious of beauty :A world


Press:BaiHuaZhou literature and Art Publishing House

Call number:J20/71

content validity:Britain300I haven't seen such a great painting in years.。——John·John Ruskin A paint like that。——Salvatore·Dali they are19The avant-garde artist of the century,Their school of painting is not more than10personal,But it created a number of dazzling goddesses。Their ideas and realities、The story of love and art is the most dramatic scene in the history of Art。In a breath of breath、Meticulous and precise natural depiction,A girl's dying posture、The image of the Holy Family emerges on it;Shakespeare、Dante、King Arthur,The world of medieval stories is portrayed like brocade;Elegant female bust、Heroes on the mythical world stage、Immersed in sorrow, a beauty,A vexed witch,Lustre in this book。

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