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"Through the Royal City"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:913

Title:《Traversing the Imperial City》


Press:Shanghai Classics Publishing House

Call number:K291/402

content validity:The author of the Beijing,My life in the Imperial City in Beijing,A deep feeling for the city of Beijing。A large number of tourists on a flat day,But the actual life of the imperial city for most of a little.,The author wrote,In a popular language,From ten aspects,The vicissitudes of the wind and clouds600year,Red huangwa,The heavy doors opened,Palace、With the Imperial Ancestral Temple,City View、See the sea in the city,Looking for old tracer River and Bridge,Morning bell and evening drum -- reminders,The Royal gear,Hutong,The present life of the Imperial City,Through its historical changes、Structure layout、Functional effect、Humanities anecdotes、Scenery Legend etc.,Give the reader a detailed picture of the Royal City,It also provides a map of the historical geography of the Beijing imperial city for the general tourists。

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