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"The art of yoga"

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2018-03-26 READ:1016

Title:《The art of Yoga》


Press:Contemporary Chinese Publishing House

Call number:R79/23

content validity:《The art of Yoga》(The art of yoga)It's a master of yoga in IndiaB.K.S.The writings of alyangge,The author summarizes his experience in yoga practice and teaching for many years.,Interpretation of yoga from an artistic point of view。As a pair《Light of Yoga》Supplement,This book guides the reader to observe the delicate balance and comfort of every Yoga body、Elegance and tranquility、Charm and beauty。Help the yoga practitioner to use the body style to temper the body、Training mind、reassure sb,Realize psychologically and spiritually,Draw a stop for the separation of body and soul。This book will inspire more people in the spirit of criticism、Take a serious attitude to practice yoga,Make the art of yoga into life。

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