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The public library of the Red Mansion appears in the West City

CATE:News DATE:2018-04-24 READ:1358

Diachronic4More creative years、Plan、Reform,In the first23The day of the world reading day,The nation's first Internet+New public cultural service facilities——The opening mode of the public library of the Red Mansion。Beijing City、Relevant leaders of Xicheng District、Li Siguang's granddaughter Zou Zongping、The gold of the carrying of the Tao、Shen Jiaben's great grandson Shen Houduo、Xin Fengxia, Wu Zuguang, daughter Wu Shuang、Dan Shiyuan's daughter, Dan Jiayun and other celebrities, took part in the Tibet entry ceremony.。Open reservation experience from the public library of the Red Mansions,The trial operation will soon be opened。

The front of the library of the Red Mansion is the red chamber cinema,Xicheng District from2014The year began to plan for the reform and promotion of the Red Mansion,Public space provided by the government,Entrust a social organization to operate,Let the sleeping books of private people re-enter the circulation of society.,The humanistic value behind the activation of the collection of books,Let the old red chamber cinema hang out,Resusculate cultural vitality。

There are 3 functional areas in the public library of the Red Mansion:Subject collection area、Leisure reading area、Backstage research area。Collection of books in the way of trusteeship、Donation and cooperation。The books currently in storage are under the help of the first library staff in Xicheng District.,Complete the handling of the books、classification、On the shelf,At the same time, guide library staff to make rational layout of books.,Laid the foundation for the opening of the library。

The public library of Red Mansion is based on the heritage of Chinese traditional book culture.,Conform to the development of the times and people's need for a better cultural life,Innovative public cultural service facilities。She has a collection of private books.、public library、Entity bookstore in one,with“Congregation、Review、share”For the core idea。The public library of Red Mansion is a major innovation of public libraries.,What is more“Congregation”Core essentials。

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