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The theme exhibition of "exploring the world" is held in Xi Yi map.

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The arrival of the annual science and Technology Week,Newspapers and periodicals reading room of the first library of Xicheng District5month1From day to day6month30Between dates,hold“Explore the world”Thematic periodical Exhibition。

The exhibition of the journal is on display《Material》、《Knowledge is power》、《Sea World》、《The scientific world》、《Chinese heritage》Equal science reading,Also《World History》、《Southeastern culture》Academic periodicals,For readers to read and read。

After science and Technology Week“Library service week”,With the help of this“Explore the world”Thematic periodical Exhibition,The library also hopes to further expand the scope of library services.,Let the readers know more about the service resources of the library。A library reading room,In addition to providing readers with more than 100 kinds of newspapers、Outside the publication,There is also a dragon cloud lending terminal,Easy to read for readers to download digital books,Founder apapi digital reading resource library terminal,It also contains newspaper data and a lot of book resources,These digital resources are supported by network resource base technology.,And at present“Scavenging”Popular trends in service,It can be said that these reading techniques themselves are a kind of popularization of science and technology.。

Guide the readers to understand the latest scientific information,Explore the mysteries of the world,Transfer the knowledge of popular science,Promoting the forefront of science and technology is a long-standing goal of Xicheng District's first library.,And always try to provide the most comfortable for the readers、The most comprehensive reading service。The periodical exhibition will be6month30The end of the day。

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