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Xicheng District first library holds news and information writing training

CATE:News DATE:2018-05-15 READ:775

To improve the writing level of the Librarians' news information,Improving the accuracy of information delivery、timeliness,5month14day,The first library of Xicheng District invites the deputy editor in chief and executive editor of the library newspaper, Professor Yu Yu Jing to come to the library.,It has been carried out“News information writing”Thematic training。This event is outside the first library of the district,Also attracted the attendance of second libraries and some street branch librarians.。


Training,Bai Yujing introduced the skills of information writing from three aspects to librarians.,Respectively:The characteristics of information,Including true、new、fast、short;“Inverted gold pagoda”Structure,Including headlines、Guide、theme、background、Ending;The five elements of the news,Including when、Where is it、Who、why?、What is the matter。Last,Mr. Bai Yujing reviewed the recent news and information cases of Xicheng District first library.,A comparative explanation of the case,Let librarians more intuitively understand the problems existing or easy to appear in information writing.。

This training aims to strengthen the level of Librarians' information writing,Let the information language be more standardized、More rich in content,To improve the quality of journalistic manuscripts,Better publicity、Expanding the social influence of reading promotion in Xicheng District first library,Lay a solid foundation。

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