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The first library held a symposium on "seeing the world with ambassadors".

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On the arrival of the library service week,The first library of Xicheng District5month24The day has been held《Follow the ambassador to see the world》A book publication Symposium,Lu Shumin was invited to attend the speech by the president of the UN Association of China.,China International Association of friends、The Xicheng District Library Management Association attended a symposium。


2012year4month26Day is the commemoration of the first17World reading day,Xicheng District first library、China International Association of friends、Co sponsored by the Xicheng District Library Management Association“The diplomat takes you to the world”Series of brand activities,Provide a window for readers and listeners to understand the world.。The lecture series of diplomats has been held for six years.,It has been successfully held at the end of the year66second,Participation in the number of activities5000More than one person,Content involves60Multiple countries。

《Follow the ambassador to see the world》A book is aggregated for the content of the lecture.,Included2012Year to year2015Years18A wonderful speech by the Ambassador,The book shows the former diplomat、What the ambassadors have seen and heard during their tenure,Through a diplomatic Perspective,Vividly、Interesting language,Explain the little-known diplomatic story for the reader,Show the customs of different countries,The first library in Xicheng District will continue to be published in the future.《Follow the ambassador to see the world》Series of books。

In recent years,All kinds of activities on the subject of diplomats emerge in endlessly,The first library in Xicheng District is responsible for creating fine works.,Continuous development of innovative achievements,Digging deep into the influence of reading on society,Expanding the audience,In addition to lectures in libraries and district libraries,,Also popularized to the Chaoyang District Library in Beijing、Tianjin Wuqing District Yinghua International School、Beijing city management broadcasting(FM107.3),All received good results。

The day of the event15A former diplomat attended a symposium,Communicate with readers' representatives and people from all walks of life。《Follow the ambassador to see the world》The successful publication of a Book,It is just by“The Belt and Road Initiative”Guiding the new situation of foreign affairs with Chinese characteristics as a guide,Exploring the way of the development of the library's characteristics,Promotion and propaganda of Xicheng District's characteristic culture,Promoting the development of local characteristic projects in Xicheng District。


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