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There is a new voice in the classics of children

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-06-06 READ:840

       6month1day,The digital library promotion project is jointly organized by the national public libraries at all levels.“Child sound reciting ancient rhyme•The classic has a new voice”2018The online reading of children's poetry was officially launched in 2008.。This year's activities will continue to rely on the National Library“Classical reading of Wen Jin”The resources of the ancient poetry in the column,A form of activity recited Online,Let the children feel the beauty of the rhyme of classical poetry,Realizing the transmission of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the combination of digital reading and Poetry Classics。

        The recitation lasted two months,All6to12All children can participate in this activity through the official website of Xicheng District first library and WeChat public.。Participants can be selected from self“Classical reading of Wen Jin”A20Reciting reading in the first ancient poetry,After submission, you can share the work。After the end of the upload phase,The extension project will invite experts to conduct three rounds of reviews for all works.,And refer to the popular point of view,The final selection10name“Recitation”、50name“Read the little man”and300name“Read the little boy”。

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