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To build a beautiful China, a common people, and a common people to protect the blue sky -- a record of "six / five" World Environment Day publicity c

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-06-06 READ:604

    To create a good atmosphere for the whole people to build a beautiful China,Strengthen“Common governance of the whole people,Defend the blue sky”Environmental protection education,The first library of Xicheng District hand in hand to the Xicheng District Environmental Protection Bureau、Xicheng District District Office Work Committee、Beijing Zoo,to6month5The day was organized in Beijing zoo.“Six•Five”World Environment Day publicity activities,The first Xicheng District library cultural volunteer provided voluntary publicity service for the event.。

    First,Wang Ruixian, deputy director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau,The Standing Committee of the Xicheng District Committee、Vice governor Jiang Liguang,Li Xiaoguang, director of the zoo in Beijing, delivered a speech respectively.,subsequently,The participants signed the wall signature on environmental protection.,And promise:“To conscientiously practice green life,Consciously participate in the prevention and control of air pollution,Thrift and frugality、Green low carbon travel,To contribute to the battle of the blue sky in a civilized and healthy way of life!”After environmental publicity,A walk around health care。Under the guidance of the staff,The healthy walking team starts from the west square of the main gate,The panda Pavilion、Monkey Mountain、White bear Hall、Lion mountain、Popular Science Museum、Giraffe Pavilion、Amphibious and reptile,Finally back to the west square,And along the walk along the way7The point was stamped with animal seals for commemoration。

    This environmental publicity campaign has led residents and readers to learn about environmental science.、Environmental emergency、Garbage collection recovery、Bio-diversity、Knowledge of low carbon and environmental protection,More environmentally friendly popular science Promo through on-site viewing and big screen scrolling.,A vivid display of the status of the ecological environment,Make the publicity of environmental protection more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,Enhance the environmental awareness of the residents' friends。Xicheng District No. 1 library as Beijing environmental education base,Developing various environmental theme activities for a long time,This activity not only carried out environmental science popularization education for residents.,A variety of environmental brochures and environmental protection handbags are also issued.,Received a warm welcome from everyone。 

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